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Stephanie is a native to Nashville, TN. In her undergraduate career, she studied Graphic Design and Nonprofit Management at Middle Tennessee State University. With a passion for travel, she was drawn to Germany where she studied photography and was mentored by professional photographers working alongside them in the darkroom and on the field. 

Since 2008, her work has been internationally and locally exhibited. Her visuals portray a life well aware of the austere phenomenon of extreme poverty, modern-day slavery, and the grim realities of the human life. From 2008-2011 she worked alongside the art collective Pick a Pocket based in Herrnhut, Germany. The collective helped to fundraise for projects they started in Ethiopia, Kenya, India, and Nepal. Leading a small creative team, she she helped produce Pick a Pocket's first publication: Reject This Reality and continued to be a mentor for many young designers in the group. 

In 2011, Stephanie left the humanitarian world to pursue her education and soon finished her Master's degree at the University of San Francisco. She has since returned to her home in Nashville and beginning her career while continuing to bring awareness about social justice issues and helping those most in need.